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Change which Email Address is used when sending emails


I have a sheet in a workspace that I want to send as a PDF attachment on a reoccurring basis via email.  

When it sends - it is FROM "my name via Smartsheet" and then user@smartsheet.com.  I want it to come from another name - not my name.  Is that possible?  I assume it is if I change my name on my account it will do this however I do not want to do that.


  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
    edited 07/10/17

    Hello jdiplock,

    There isn't a way to customize the behavior that you're seeing with emails sent from Smartsheet. If you sent the email from Smartsheet, it'll always appear as from you via Smartsheet, with you as the reply-to name and email. The only way to change the name would be to change your own name in your account.

    Submit at product enhancement request under Quick links on the right of the community site to get your feedback directly to our Product team.

    One note on this is notifications. When notifications are sent, the person that triggered the notification will be the reply-to. Details on notifications can be found in the help center.

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    If this is mission critical, check out Zapier (www.zapier.com). This automation tool can be used with Gmail and other email clients. I know Zapier's Gmail actions allow me to change the From email address on outgoing emails. I did not check Office365, but I imagine it may as well.

    It might not be a stretch to modify the Zap's I use here for the Send Row functionality


    to send via Gmail also/instead. I'd need to see the full spec, but it seems possible.


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