Field Master document & best practices


Can you help? I'm trying to figure out how best to document a Field Master sheet that tracks field availability & logic (business rules) for a Salesforce CPQ implementation.


  1. Quote Type (~15) -> Currently multiselect column
  2. Quote Path (Original Quote, Amendment from existing Contract, Amendment from Contract in a different tool; currently not all are applicable to all Quote Types) -> Currently multiselect column
  3. Entered by User Role (~3) -> Currently a single column

Fields: Currently 1 column for each

  1. Field Name appearing on Quote page (many apply to all Dimensions; some apply to only combinations of the above Dimensions)
  2. Read Only / Edit Permissions (vary by User Role)
  3. Logic (besides Dimension dependent, can be dependent on stage of quote and other rules)

Exports from Salesforce have not been effective in setting this up, so we are trying to document this manually in a Smartsheet sheet. Are there any helpful templates or best practices that can support these types of rules / hierarchy without requiring the sheet to "explode" into 100+ columns?

Goal is to keep this in one sheet and create reports to show applicable fields & their rules for the different Quote Types & Quote Paths, as well as for Developers to use this to understand which fields should appear based on the various rules defined.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @Erin A

    It sounds like this may be best worked through over a screen share to understand your set-up and needs. If you're a licensed user on a plan that has purchased Pro Support, you could book a 30-minute coaching session over screen share (learn more here).

    One thing to keep in mind is that dropdowns in Smartsheet cannot automatically filter/display different content based on what's selected somewhere else. However you can use formulas to check and see of a cell has a specific value selected, the return something specific based on that.

    For example, you could automatically return instructions typed out if a specific Quote Path was selected.

    =IF(HAS([Quote Path]@row, "Original Quote"), "Explanation")

    If this hasn't helped and you don't have access to Pro Desk, the Community may be able to provide recommendations for specific scenarios! We would just need a bit more data... such as example screen captures with demo data (block out sensitive data) and a specific question (e.g. "Can I do XXX" or "What formula would help with XXX")