Sheet Sharing

I am trying to share a workflow sheet with several business units, none of which have smartsheet accounts.

I have automations set up to send emails when specific tasks are complete and them all added to the workgroup. When they receive the email they get the prompt to sign in.

I've also tried sending them the link through publish and get the same result.

I am unfortunately unable to embed on a webpage as out cyber security is quite strict.

Any work arounds or help would be greatly appreciated


  • Tim C
    Tim C ✭✭✭✭✭

    Have you tried a form or update request? Do they need to just see the data or also edit it?

  • E.D.A
    E.D.A ✭✭

    I've thought about using the form method which might make the process easier. I just want to automate to make the workflow faster and less hands-on.

    They will all need to edit the page to add serial numbers and parts to help track inventory.