Automations when selecting from contact dropdown

I created an automation to move rows to a specific person when they are selected from a contact drop down. I have more of these to building, with different automations such as copy a row when they are selected from an other drop down. I also need to add a notification when each of these process have run.

I attached

what I have done so far. Is this the right way? Or is there a more streamline format?


  • Hello,

    It looks like you're on the right track with conditional path! However, you may want to update your trigger block to trigger when "Assigned changes to any value". This currently won't trigger if Jason, Jo or Patrick are selected.

    (If applicable) You also may want to consider turning off the "Allow multiple selections" in the Assigned column. It won't be possible to move the row to more than one sheet so it can really only be assigned to one person. It's also worth mentioning that the workflow will run on the first condition path that is evaluated as true. So if Rachel is found in Assigned then the workflow will never check for any of the rest.

    Hope this helps!


  • rachmavis
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    Thank you! The assigned all of the techs in the other set ups - forgoet this one! I changed it to Any Value - good suggestion.

    I am setting up another automation with making a copy of the task and sending it to the other sheets. Multiple people could be selected. However it sounds like the copy won't work once the first condition has been met. Any other idea?

  • rachmavis
    rachmavis ✭✭✭✭

    Copy Row needs to be able to select from who is in the contact list for the target sheetw ith an AND/OR option..

  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @rachmavis

    You are correct that Condition Blocks route the workflow down a specific path, meaning that if it finds a matching condition it will flow through to the end of that path, but will not go back up, over, and down another one as well.

    Think of it like dominoes:

    • One trigger pushes over the first domino (Assigned is Changed).
    • It then moves down and finds the next one (lets say, the assigned is "Ted") so the dominoes flow down that path.
    • It then ends at the Move Row action, because that line of dominoes is now complete.
    • It will not loop back up to the top because that domino was pushed over already.

    If you need multiple actions to happen, you would want to create multiple workflows. For example, 12 Workflows, each with the Trigger that XXX is in the Assigned To Column. That way whenever the Assigned value changes, all 12 workflows look to see if they should kick off their flow or not. If 3 are triggered, all 3 actions will occur. Does that make sense?