Countifs counting this not in criteria

I am using [Method helper] to tell me when we have more than one online training on a date where Notes= PD

=COUNTIFS(Notes:Notes, "PD", [Date 1]:[Date 1], [Date 1]@row, Platform:Platform, Platform@row, Platform:Platform, "online") > 1

I have tried to specifically say, do not count anything with CDA in it, in a variety of ways. If you look above there is one case where it flags a non PD, and one where it does not. If you look through out the entire sheet, there are other instances where it will flag or not flag a non PD training. Some have more than three total online trainings on a day, some have only 2. I have tried deleting the formula, saving, refreshing, and then reinputting the formula, hoping the sheet was just not feeling it. Not the case. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Nick Korna
    Nick Korna ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @ECRCalexandra,

    If you're not wanting to flag the non-PD lines, then use something along the lines of this:

    =IF(AND(Notes@row = "PD", COUNTIFS(Notes:Notes, "PD", [Date 1]:[Date 1], [Date 1]@row, Platform:Platform, Platform@row, Platform:Platform, "online") > 1), 1, 0)

    This does the checks, but makes sure the line is PD before ticking/not.

    Hope this helps, but if you've any problems/questions or I've misunderstood something then just post! 🙂


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