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Warning if user deletes a row

Please add a warning when a user deletes a row(s).

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  • Salèha El D.
    Salèha El D. ✭✭✭✭✭

    I like this idea!

    • steps deletion process dare I say:

    1 - you are about to delete a row - are you sure? Yes / No

    & also

    2 - an option to set up a notification keeping the owner of the sheet informed

    I give access to my WorkFlow, to a restricted number of collaborators (2 max) - with a their 'editor' status, it would be very helpful, if I could get a notification as soon as a row is deleted.

    I make good usage of the ''View Activity Log'' section ... however, I feel a notification would be a must for me and protecting my workflow.

    Salèha El D.

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