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Search to use contains instead of match

Search could be improved by returning results that contain a string instead of matching a string. For example, our projects are sometimes labeled with a "P" (for project) at the beginning of their number. If I search for only the number, I do not see the results that start with "P".

If search were enhanced to return results that contain the string I am searching for, I would be able to see ALL instances that contain my search string.

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  • Michelle Choate 2
    Michelle Choate 2 ✭✭✭✭✭

    This would also be helpful on dropdown columns - to return anything that contains what I have already started typing. For instance in our organization there are several stations that contain the name "Framing" and I would like all of them to show up when I type Framing, rather than any station that starts with Framing.