Very Small Sheet causes "Error! Failed to issue the request,


I use Datamesh to update from one sheet to another and then back again. Been successful with these two sheets for a year. Suddenly I'm getting the errors:

Error! Failed to issue the request, please relogin and try again.

Error code: 0 - Error message:error

This only happens one direction. I can datamesh from Sheet A to Sheet B but can no longer go from Sheet B to Sheet A. I have deleted all rows and columns so I'm down to 13 rows and 75 columns. This was working when there were 900 rows!




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  • Jack Swaton
    Jack Swaton ✭✭
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    I wanted to use my target sheet with Resource Management so I turned DEPENDENCIES on in the PROJECT SETTINGS.

    My DataMesh was trying to update the START and END dates (which now were driven automatically in the target sheet) from the source sheet so Smartsheet could not update cells which were automatically updated.

    Once I turned DEPENDENCIES off in the target sheet my DataMesh worked just fine.