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Dynamic Sizing of Dashboard Widgets

There are many times we show data within report widgets and there is a of whitespace due to not many things being in the report.

The suggestion would be to have the widget adjust its size based on the number of displayed rows.

Two things that would make it even better...

  1. Have a checkbox that allows setting to dynamic, in case we want it a fixed size
  2. Give the ability to fix the rows displayed... be able to say show up to 20 lines and then scroll

This has been something that nags at me occasionally and a friend and colleague mentioned it as well, prompting me to send this in.

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  • I concur - creating a dashboard template, and then having to go in an manually adjust the size each day/week can be frustrating when you have multiple items on one project, but just a few on another.

    I have also wondered why I can't set minsize / maxsize on a widget just to keep the look consistent, but still useful. We could be able to set minsize = 1 row, maxsize = 10 rows, and have the dashboard automatically adjust items below that widget flow accordingly. Something similar to CSS floats and box methods might work.

  • Concur on this, I've always got to adjust the dashboard to the number records before a meeting.