Recreating Report in a Sheet



Our team has a financial tracker and our timesheets in Smartsheet, and I am trying to find a way to link them.

The goal is to take the number of hours worked on each project, and multiply them by our average rate to get a rough estimate of our current labor cost.

Our reporting also needs to separate time between our office and field employees. I originally created a report that shows this summary (customer > employee type > hours worked), but I am not able to link the results of this report to my tracker. I'm hoping that I will be able to recreate this report in a sheet.

Our team 60 projects as of right now, but that list is constantly growing. My original thought was to use the UNIQUE formula to pull the list of projects, and then use a SUMIF to pull the hour counts, but UNIQUE is not yet available in Smartsheets. Does anyone have any other ideas to make this possible?

Image summary:

  1. Sample of our time tracker
  2. Sample of our financial tracker (I want to autopopulate the yellow row)


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