Can I use a workflow to add a Funtion into a column based on other columns data?


This idea is to pull text from one column to another; examplet Below

Primary Column: Country Names

Child Primary Column: Secondary Project

Workflow 1: When a new row is added, place formula to pull text from Child row into new column

Workflow 2: When new column is added, place formula to pull data from Parent row into new column (only needed when no child column is entered to not keep a Report with blank cells)

Report will show the column with the formula to fill the Country for specific projects.

Thanks to anyone that could help me with any option (not only workflows) I've tried formulas already, but IF is not working, no idea if I can use "" to pull a specific text string from a cell just like in Excel.


  • Eric Law
    Eric Law ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Arturo U Unfortunately, you can automate formulas into a cell as it will case the formula in quotes to display the text.

    Could you post some screenshots? You can use the =PARENT() formula for some things and we can help you with IF formula

  • Arturo U

    Thanks Eric!

    Here is the layout and the idea;

    The "Parent" column on the far right needs to have a formula to display the content on the "Country" column, but I would appreciate if this would be based on the content of the "Country" colum, example, if it is "Feature" (or any other specific text) that it would display its own Parent Row (they will always be from a parent, hence the different formatting) and if its does not contain anything specific to just display the contect of that "Country" column row (for example in row 3, United States does not have any Child row, so on the "Parent Row" column just says "United States")

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