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  • salponcejr
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    I have a very similar request that I cannot figure out. I am Smartsheet Certified but this seems out of my reach, I have tried everything I can think of. Here is my goal:

    I have a form for colleagues within my organization to request the printing of custom labels. The form gathers name, phone, email, etc.

    Within the sheet gathering form submissions I have a column for status of request ticket. I would like to create an automation that sends an email to the requester once the column cell for each row changes from New to WIP, and WIP to Complete. However the limitation I have found is that I cannot send an email to the "created by" as its set to the Smartsheet generic email. I added a "email column" vs. the requesters email to see if the automation would allow me to set that as the email used to send a message to after a cell row changes from New to WIP and WIP to Complete.

    However it the automation only allows me to send the email to my personal email or all emails in sheet or users that have access to sheet.

    How can I have the automation send an email to the submitter/requester from the row/cell that's being filled out once certain criteria changes in the specific "Status" column/cell? TID

  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @salponcejr

    There are two things you can do here:

    1 - If all your colleagues have a Smartsheet account, you can restrict the form to require a Smartsheet login. That will then record their email in the Created By column and you can use this in your alert.

    See: Manage form display and submission options

    2 - If you don't want them to sign in to Smartsheet, you'll need to ask them to enter their email (for notifications) in a field in the form. This should be a Contact type of column in the sheet, and you can set it to have email Validation on the form.

    See: Validate Information in Forms

    This article may have more information for you as you build out your forms: FAQ: Smartsheet Forms