Is there a way to send an alert EVERY 48 hours (recurring alerts)?


I already know how to set up a workflow so that it alerts someone if a change was not made in 48-hours. However, that is a one-time deal. Once it reaches 48 hours and the email alert is sent, the workflow is done.

But, if the user still did not make changes 48 hours later, I want another email sent again. And so on. The workflow would recur EVERY 48 hours until the user made changes.

For example:

  • Monday: Data entered in sheet via web form. User X must come to the sheet to do work.
  • Wednesday: The user never came to the sheet; the automated workflow alerts User X.

At this point, the workflow is done. But, I want...

  • Friday: User X ignored it. Since it's another 48 hours later, another automated email is sent.
  • Tuesday: User X ignored it. Since it's another 48 hours later, another automated email sent.
  • Etc, etc.

How can I set up ONE workflow where this is accomplished?

I appreciate any tips, ideas, solutions!!

Thank you! 😀


  • KPH
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    edited 11/03/23

    Can you update the field that contains the date/time used to trigger the first alert with the date/time the alert is sent? This would be the last step in the workflow and would then essentially reset and create a perpetual loop.

  • mmclaughlin
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    Thank you for the quick response!

    Unfortunately, we cannot change the date. The workflow is triggered by the date the Project Manager needs the contract reviewed by the Legal team. Changing that date will make it seem like the contract is not due until a later date.

  • KPH
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    edited 11/06/23

    Would you be open to adding one or two more date columns? I've written and re-written this a few times to try and make it make sense. I think this is the best explanation:

    Create an extra date column (we'll call this send reminder) which equals the original date minus 2 days. Use that to trigger your workflow.

    =[Original date]@row - 2

    Create another extra date column (we'll call this last reminder sent). Set this to be the original date minus 2 days only if that is in the past and to leave it blank otherwise. Use the automation to update this each time the message is sent.

    =IF([Original date]@row - 2 < TODAY(), [Original date]@row - 2, "")

    Go back to the first extra date column (send reminder) and add an extra IF to the formula to update this to the date shown in last reminder sent plus two days only when last reminder sent is not blank. So now the trigger will hit again and again 2 days after last reminder sent.

    =IF(ISBLANK([Last reminder sent]@row), [Original date]@row - 2, [Last reminder sent]@row + 2)

    Leave the original date column alone so the review date is not changed.

    Essentially, you have a formula in the Send reminder column that says

    • If no reminders have been sent (because today is not more than 2 days before the original trigger date) send one two days before the original trigger date.
    • If a reminder has been sent, send one two days after the last one.


  • mmclaughlin
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    This looks like it will work! I will set it up later.

    You're awesome! Thank you!

  • KPH
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    Happy I could help, @mmclaughlin ! Good luck!