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Set Different Working Days For Specific Tasks Within Same Sheet


I'd like to have different working days for different rows/tasks within the same sheet. This is a feature available in MS Project where you can use multiple calendars and choose which calendar to use for specific tasks/items. This isn't currently possible in SmartSheet.

Some tasks exclude weekend work (typical office tasks) therefore based on 5 day work week but other tasks are carried out over a 7 day work week including weekends (workshop and offshore operations for example) I can only currently set this at account or sheet level not individual row/task level.

If I have my Gantt chart project settings as below (which is fine for office based tasks) then when I add a task that will be completed based on a 7 day work week (offshore operation) then if I enter a duration of 28days it won't work out the correct end date as it will exclude weekends.

I can't create different sheets as offshore tasks have office based tasks as predecessors so needs to be within the same sheet.

Improvement request would be to edit the working days for specific tasks which would overwrite the working days for the project.

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  • Jaime G
    Jaime G ✭✭

    • Elapsed time (lead with an e to indicate duration in elapsed time e.g. e3d, e5h, e3.5d, etc). A task with a duration in elapsed time ignores non-working time. The task will start and end in the amount of time specified regardless of working day length and non-working days in the sheet.