Add timestamp to Join/Collect Column Formula


I have a Join/Collect column formula that I'd like to add a timestamp to. Is this possible? If not, is there a workaround?

Sheet1 contains a list of Accounts populated with answers from a questionnaire. An Account can have multi rows.

Sheet2 consolidates these answers into a single row.

The column formula in Column3 is joining and adding a NEWLINE as a delimiter.

=JOIN(COLLECT({Sheet1 Column3}, {Sheet1 Alias}, Alias@row), UNICHAR(10))

The desired result would be:

Column 3

[02/11/23 19:15] A

[02/11/23 19:15] B

I need to replicate this formula in 50 other columns.

I have tried two separate Join/Collects and this doesn't work either. Any ideas would be grateful received.



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