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Autosave, Backups, and Version History Restoration

Autosave should be a seamless user experience like it is with Google, instead of users having to manually turn it on and choose how often changes are saved. It is also very strange to me that you can only download a backup once every 24 hours. Given that you can't go back and restore a previous version like you can in Google, this is very frustrating especially if you are a project manager and make a lot of changes to plans within a given day.

That leads me to version history. Just like Google suite applications, I should be able to not only see version history, but be able to choose a version to restore from, which I cannot do and it's frustrating. It's especially cumbersome when you are testing out automations, formulas, or workflows. I have had glitches with formulas and workflows that have wiped out 100's of rows, and because there was no version history restoration I had to re-enter all of those things.

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