Excluding Someone from Automations


Hi! I need some help. We have a ton of sheets set up at our company with an automation like this:

Our contacts for each row and each project tend to change and this automation is put into place to ensure if there's a date change or notes that the contact needs to see, they are notified whenever a change takes place in their row. However, some people find this feature rather annoying and would not like to be notified if they are assigned to a row and someone else makes a change to it. We also tend to have multiple people assigned to one row. If I know who does not want to be notified, is there a way to exclude them from the automation notification?


  • jmyzk_cloudsmart_jp
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    You could ask such people to change their notification preferences in their personal settings. (This was what I did as my former company.)😅

    Another way is to add another contact column and workflow that get triggered when contacts are assigned to and remove such people from the original contacts. But, since you have a ton of sheets set up at your company with an automation like you described, I recommend the first approach.