Possible to add a search function into forms?



I am new to Smartsheet and I am currently using it to complete inspections. With about 50 questions within the inspection form, it would be easier for my team to search keywords and jump to a question on the mobile app than to scroll and search. Is it possible to add a search box at the top to be able to search and then jump to specific questions?


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    Hi @RobertHapp

    Smartsheet form does not have a search box, but if you use a Dropdown list column type with candidates' values, inputting a part of the value into the form field will show the candidate's choices, including the partial input. (as shown in the image below.)

    Please open the "Smartsheet Forms" link below to see how the form works.

    Then, with form logic, you can show a corresponding field; for example, if you chose Question 08, the logic will offer the Q8 field.

    To do that, you must edit the Questions field to add logic.

    You can access the form logic setting from the "Field Settings" menu's "Logic."

    The image below shows the form logics.