Why would a formula work on one sheet but be #unparseable on another?

Hello All,

I am trying to use a formula I use on one of my sheets to collect data. It works great, but I made a new sheet to capture the data as the other one is messy as I was still learning. My Formula works great on the original sheet, but when I use the same formula on my new sheet it comes back #unparseable.

This is the formula that works great on my original sheet but is unparseable on my new sheet.

=SUMIFS({Rounding| Number of Staff Contacts}, {Rounding| CPD Educator Name}, Category@row, {Rounding |Date Rounding Occurred}, AND(IFERROR(MONTH(@cell), 0) = 1))

I would also like to add the year in so I can capture the data based on month and year.

Any help would be much appreciated,


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  • Nick Korna
    Nick Korna ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Lori C,

    You need to define the cross sheet references in each sheet, they're not universal.

    As well as that, make sure there is a column named Category on the new sheet, else trying to reference a non-existent column will also cause the unparseable error.

  • David Ruff
    David Ruff ✭✭✭

    Hi Lori,

    It's possible that the sheet references weren't transferred when you setup your new sheet. You can check this quickly by right clicking any cell and selecting "Manage References...". If you don't see your reference names there (e.g. {Rounding| Number of Staff Contacts}), then you'll have to setup those references again in the new sheet.

    I hope this was helpful!

  • Lori C
    Lori C ✭✭

    I added the reference sheets after some playing around, the Category@row is not working for some reason.

  • KPH
    KPH ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Is the Category column in your new sheet the same column type as the Category column in your old sheet?

  • Lori C
    Lori C ✭✭

    Hi There,

    I just figured this out this morning. I did not have the Category column correct.

    Thank you for responding,


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