Help with Index Formula



I am creating one master sheet for a variety of portfolio metrics (we currently don't have control center - working on that!) and am having trouble figuring out the best formula to populate the data I need for this one item.

I want to calculate how many strategic projects vs. KTLO projects a team has for the upcoming year. There are nine project types a project could be: 7 of them are strategic, 1 is KTLO and 1 is TBD (it hasn't been labeled yet). I'm referencing our Project Intake sheet which has a column of the Specialist Team and a column for the Project Type.

This is the formula I'm using:

=INDEX(COUNTIFS({2024 Business Planning Database Range 3}, Labels@row, NOT(CONTAINS("TBD", "BAU"))))

The goal is to have a chart that displays how many strategic projects a specialist team has vs. how many BAU/KTLO projects a team has on their docket.

Any help would be appreciated!


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