offload SS attachments as individual files

OshaK ✭✭✭✭✭

is it possible to offload attachments in Data Shuffle as individual files and not in a tabular (excel or csv) format? We're collecting images and videos for a presentation and would love to have all the files separately in the Box.

Also, as a part of the enterprise license, what are our limitations on attachment size? I understand that the file upload is 30 mb, but how much we can store in a single sheet before we need to offload it?

thank you!


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @OshaK

    On an Enterprise plan, you can actually upload 250 MB size attachments to a sheet directly! There isn't a limit on attachments per-sheet, but there may be storage limits for your organization as a whole, based on your plan type (see: Supported file types, sizes, and other requirements).

    In regards to Data Shuttle, there currently isn't a way to offload the attachments on a row. Data Shuttle will create an attachment out of your grid data (the content in the row) but it doesn't impact the existing files that are associated with the row... does that make sense?

    You can export all attachments on one sheet at one time from the attachments tab directly:

    Here's more information: View and download attachments



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