All you need to know about Community Champions 💡

Alison Clancy
Alison Clancy Employee Admin
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Hello all! Thought I’d pop in, especially for our new members, to talk a little about the Community Champions program. Why now?  

  1. The program just hit the one year mark. 🥳 Fun fact: It was called Community Rockstars during its early days. 
  2. We’re getting ready to start the selection process for the next class! 🏁

Before I get ahead of myself: My name is Alison if we haven’t connected yet, and I’m a part of the fabulous Community team here at Smartsheet. It’s my absolute privilege to not only connect with you on this platform, but I also manage our Community Customer Programs: Smartsheet Overachievers and of course, the Community Champions. 

As we get ready for this next phase of Champs, I wanted to answer some of the questions I get asked most frequently. Let’s crack into it!

Q) What is a Community Champion? 

A) A Smartsheet Community Champion is a Community Member who demonstrates product expertise and generosity in sharing best practices and support with others on the platform.

Q) How are Champions selected? 

A) Candidates are selected by the Community team twice a year (January then again in June) based on a number of criteria. This includes metrics like recent activity, rank, and questions answered, as well as how these members reflect Smartsheet values and embody diverse perspectives. There is no application process. 

Q) How long are Champions in the program? 

A) FOR-EV-ER! Just kidding, though participants are in the program as long as they want to be.

Q) How will I know if I’ve been selected? 

A) You’ll get a very energetic email from yours truly extending the offer to join!

Q) What are some of the benefits of being a Champion? 

A) To name just a few: 

  • Access to a private Community Group for networking and brainstorming with your peers
  • Advocacy opportunities to help tell not only Smartsheet’s story, but your own story as well
  • Exclusive feedback channels directly to our team and the Smartsheet product team 
  • Swag! 

Q) I really want to be a Community Champion. What do I do? 

A) As long as you’re active in the Community and connecting with others, you’re on your way! Some things to keep in mind: 

  • Make sure you’re answering other people’s posts as well as creating your own
  • Reactions count
  • Always lead with kindness and a We Before Me attitude 
  • Make sure your profile is sparkling with a wonderful profile picture and information on who you are at peak human 

Still curious? Leave your questions below and either myself or the Champions themselves will be happy to answer them. 

This Community wouldn’t be so great without all of you. More to come! 

For a full list of Champions or to learn more, visit the Program Dashboard.