How to prevent automatic sign in



I have two Google accounts: one business and the other - personal.

The issue I am facing is that even when I sign out from my business account, and click "Sign in with Google" again, Smartsheet automatically signs-in to the SAME account that I have already signed out from!

I just don't want the above to happen. Every time and sign out and click sign in again, Smartsheet must ask me explicitly as to which account I want to sign in with.

Now imagine a situation wherein I just signed out from my business account (assuming it's safe now), and someone else clicks the Sign in with Google button, and instantly gains access to my business account!

Please help! it's a serious security threat that I must be able to address.

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @zealvert

    If you're signed in to Google in that browser (e.g. Gmail or Google Sheets) then clicking that button will automatically sign you into the account that's currently logged in.

    Is it possible that when you logged out of Smartsheet you only did that for Smartsheet, but were still signed in to Google?