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Ability to use public facing ID in the permalink to access objects through the API


Smartsheet Objects (Sheet, Report, etc) consist of two identifiers, the object's ID and the public facing string found in the permalink (PUBLIC_ID).

Example of a Permalink:{PUBLIC_ID}?view=grid

Navigating to File, Properties a user can find the ID and the share url which contains a PUBLIC_ID that is unique and different from the ID.

For the GET sheets endpoint, the ID and PUBLIC_ID are interchangeable allowing the user to receive the desired sheet with either the ID or the PUBLIC_ID. This is extremely useful if you have an application that integrates with Smartsheet by consuming a share URL pasted by the user to then fetch the contents of the sheet.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available for all Smartsheet objects (Reports) which forces our application to have unique flows when a user wants to connect a Sheet or a Report.

Supporting interchangeable IDs and PUBLIC_IDs it would allow third-party applications to offer clients a simple UI to integrate with ALL Smartsheet objects.

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