I'm being driven mad by random hierarchy changes


Something bizarre has been going on with my sheet for a few weeks now and I cannot figure it out. For privacy reasons I blocked stuff out so you can't quite see, but here goes. I entered these new rows last week. 214 was the parent row and 212 and 213 were the child rows. I opened the sheet today and suddently 212 is the parent of 213 and 214 is just hanging out on its own. I experimented some with sorting to see if that's the issue, but I didn't notice anything. When I look at the activity log when the only other person who spends a lot of time in this sheet has been in, I see a lot of Row Hierarchy Changes. From what I understand this is when someone collapses or expands a parent/child group. Other than that, I see nothing unusual. Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas? Thank you!