Add / create 3 or 4 new child rows automatically after create a parent rows


I manage projects and we like that when someone create a new project row, automatically add 3 or 4 news child rows inmediatly down.

I read some articles that do that with a form, but we dont understand the solution.

Please help me if possilbe, thanks



  • Amit Malhotra

    Hello, it can be easily done via API calls. I believe there is a Smartsheet premium app that can do what you are asking. Smartsheet team can share more on that.

  •  johann

    Finally, I found a partial solution.

    I read an article and this is the solution, but, we have another challenge: some of columns have other formulas type with =SUM(CHILDREN()) for example. When the row is copy to my work sheet, the columns with a SUM(CHILDREN()) formula do not move with the formulas, move only the values. If some help I will be really appreciate

    with this formula and a form I take the data and proceed to copy to my work sheet. When I open a form and fill the fields, all the info put it on my work sheet, like this

    the columns "Mensa Insala" and "Naps Medi" have a formula =sum(children()), but it not trigger on the the work sheet and I dont know why?.

    Any helps, thanks