How to count total checked in report instead of just total number in report?

Austen ✭✭
edited 11/21/23 in Smartsheet Basics

I am trying to use the report to summarize some data to ultimately put in a Dashboard. In the screenshot I am actually trying to count the total number of T4C completed which would be indicated by the check mark. Instead it is currently counting the total number in the report, checked or unchecked.

I am using a report for this because we are looking to only track candidates in the 2024 year. I originally tried using a summary formula on the actual sheet to achieve this. It seemed more difficult that way because I could not figure out the formula for it. I was using ***=COUNTIFS([Enrolled in ATI]:[Enrolled in ATI], 1, [T4C Completed]:[T4C Completed], 1)* to count ALL candidates who had completed the training. So an alternative solution would be adjusting this formula to only count rows with a start date within 2024. The sheet has multiple programs working within it which is why "Enrolled in ATI" is a required criterion.

A solution to either would be amazing! Thank you.