New User Question - Updating Source Sheet

Marie C
Marie C ✭✭✭
edited 11/21/23 in Add Ons and Integrations

Hello. I am a newer user of Smartsheet and am trying to identify an easy way for multiple contributors around our org to update data in a source sheet. Here is an outline of our scenario:

  1. We collect high level data of projects from around the Org in a "Combined Project List" sheet
  2. We would like to minimize access to this sheet and need a way for project owners to provide updates/data changes for their projects
  3. We have created a "Project Update" sheet (with the intention of building out a FORM for submitting updates)
  4. As we have played around with Data Mesh, mapping all of the columns where data MAY be updated, we find that any fields NOT updated in the "Project Update" sheet are overwritten as BLANK in the source "Combined Project List" sheet.
  5. The key point is we need to be able to allow project owners to update ANY of their data whenever it changes.
  6. Not sure if there are settings in Data Mesh to avoid this or if we are using Data Mesh incorrectly....

A snapshot of the current Data Mesh is provided

We have tried changing the Overwrite Existing Data in Target with both NO (none of the changes submitted in the PRT Project Updates form were showing in the target Combined Project List sheet) and YES (all fields are changed, including ones with no updates being changed to blank).

We are open to any and all suggestions since we are still new to Smartsheet and may not be fully aware of all capabilities.

Thank you in advance for your time to consider this question.