Is there any way to generate an email of a submitted form to myself, in order to reply later?

We're looking to use a Smartsheet form instead of a hard-coded form on website. Currently with that system, someone fills out the form, we get an email and can then respond accordingly (if they've selected us to do so), all the while transferring the data from the email to our tracking sheet.

What we'd like to do is use Smartsheet for the web form, and have the email that is generated when someone ticks the box 'send me a copy of my responses' also to be sent to ourselves, so if someone has requested contact, it's an easier way for us to contact the person with a response/more details, etc. and all the while not having to copy and paste data into a sheet (it's already been done via the form).

I've tried workflows but it triggers for the whole sheet, and as there may be multiple forms submitted at once, I can't select a row number as I've no idea what it'd be. I've also tried to have my own email as a contact 'hidden' in the form but that just shows up in the sheet - no email is generated.

I've looked a bit on here for similar requests but haven't found one that would fit - so any help greatly appreciated!


  • KPH
    KPH ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Bek T

    You should be able to trigger a workflow when a new row is added to a sheet and have that send a message with just details for the row that was added, not the entire sheet. You can make this cleaner by opting to have the email send Message Only without any links to the sheet that could be confusing and use {{ and }} around the column names to put values from the row into the message that is sent.

    The window is pretty small, but hopefully you can see these examples:

  • Bek T
    Bek T ✭✭✭

    Hi KPH, thanks for this and i've tried it however we've got checkboxes in the form and the value returns as 'true' - so not as clean for someone to read/refer to. Ideally there'd be an option that one could select 'copy email to me/ xx email' also - have made a suggestion to the Smartsheet feedback, since the above works for 80% of what I want it to ;)