Is there any way for unlicensed users to generate docs when Upload Attachments is turned off?

For security reasons (i.e. unable to specify which server the attachments are stored on) I have to leave the Upload Attachment option turned off. Box attachments is our only selection. Due to this, the Download option under Generate is the only method that works to get a document - and that is only available for licensed users.

Before turning off Upload Attachments, our users on the shop floor were able to trigger an automation then get the document as a row attachment, but no longer. Automated document generation is also completely disabled, because attaching to the row is the only option.

So unless I missed a workaround, I guess I'm requesting a new option as part of the 'Generate A Document' automation to email the document to a contact in a cell. That would be fantastic.

Or, for the Nth time, Please give Admin the ability to specify which server our attachments are stored on!! That would solve this problem and many more.

Thx for the help!