How do I auto populate subtasks dependent on a main ''Task Title'' selected from a drop down list?



Basically I have a smartsheet to track marketing tasks and subtasks. I have some tasks, where when selected I'd like a list of subtasks to auto populate on seperate rows underneath the main task (and indent as well if possible)

I've tried using the INDEX (COLLECT) function where when a specific task is selected in the ''Task Title'' column, a list of subtasks pull from another sheet and populate in seperate rows underneath (change the row reference to pull back each subtask seperately).

This would work if that was the only thing happening on this sheet, but it isn't. There is a range of tasks added to this sheet, in seperate rows, but from the ''Task Title'' drop down list only 3 or 4 of the options are ones which have a set of standard subtasks. So, the above formula just returns ''Invalid'' if one of the options that don't have subtasks associated with them is selected which isn't what I want

Is there any way to autopopulate subtasks in seperate rows underneath a main task (and indent if possible) when a certain main task is selected in the ''Task Title'' column of a smartsheet?

The only other way I have thought of tackling this is to create templates for the main tasks that have set subtasks and just copy and paste them over underneath the main tasks as/when needed but I'd like to get rid of this manual process if possible

Look forward to hearing from anyone who can help on this one!


Tina Thomas


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