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Allow Conversations via Smart Sheet with Non-Sheet Users


We are currently using Smart Sheet to track tasks that are submitted to our department to handle. We would like to be able to make comments in smart sheet for an individual row (task) and loop in outside parties via email, with them having the option not reply. We know we can do this if parties are invited to view and comment on the sheet, but would like have this feature without giving the other party access to the sheet.

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  • Doakes
    Doakes ✭✭

    I have the same request, is there a work around on this

  • Charlie H

    you will need to create a new column with a email/emails included.

    Then setup an automation to request an update to these emails. You can put your specific request in writing and only show columns you want them to see, they can then fill out a form and update your sheet without having access to it.

    Or you can simply just update them with an auto email with a description and no form to fill out

    hope this makes sense