Formula Range no longer working


Hello - We have a report that is built to feed a dashboard. It has worked fine for close to a year. Today I logged in to complete our weekly report email, and all of my forumulas are showing the #INVALID REF error. When looking at the formula, the 'range' is still there, but it is no longer actually working, it does not give the option to 'edit reference' it just shows as if there is no range referenced at all. Any idea what could have caused this? Looking at activity, nothing was changed.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @nusbaumsh

    If you right-click on a cell and choose Manage References from the dropdown, does the {reference} in your formula appear there?

    This error can show if a reference has been deleted. Clicking on the {reference} would then show "Reference another sheet" instead of "Edit", like so:

    Another option could be that you are no longer shared to the Source sheet, or that the source sheet has been deleted. If there's been no change in the current sheet, can you check the source sheet and ensure you still have at least Viewer permissions?



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