Bridge - SharePoint Integration Error: When field from the source sheet is blank


Hello, I have created a bridge integration which pushes various fields housed in a Smartsheet to a SharePoint list. I have successfully done this on multiple format types, including text, numbers, checkboxes, etc.

I have incorporated errors in my Bridge workflow when pushing various Smartsheet columns that are blank. The limitation being how Bridge seems to interact with specific SharePoint format types. I have been able to utilize the || at the end of the reference to handle the error when I am passing this to a SharePoint text column. However the || does not appear to work when I am pushing data to SharePoint columns that are formatted as numbers, checkboxes, or dates.

A couple of work arounds I have been successful with thus far are:

  • Creating a "data" field in my SharePoint (formatted as text), which I push the values to. And then convert the column in SharePoint via calculated columns. This is not the most efficient manner
  • OR within Bridge, utilize the Is Empty junction for each field to push data to SharePoint only if the column is updated. This however gets very inefficient when working with multiple fields AND a large volume of runs

Is there a built in function or way to enhance me reference to handle these better?

Any help would be appreciated


  • plbc
    plbc ✭✭

    @Genevieve P. do you have any insight here you would be able to share? Or is this a limitation of Bridge at the moment. As you can see in my screenshot below, I have multiple "Is Empty" junctions as a workaround. However this isn't the most efficient way to write my workflows and definitely impacts performance during runs.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @plbc

    Thanks for the tag!

    I am not versed enough in Sharepoint fields to know how best to handle this data. I can definitely see how the Is Empty junctions create complexity, but at this point it does look to be a way to navigate around blank cells.

    If I can think of something more efficient then I'll follow-up on this thread, however it looks like you've already tested all the ways I would personally use to skip over blank data!

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