How can I get my sheet to open on today's date while in grid view?

It opens on today's date for calendar and gantt view, but not grid view. Is that not an option? I hate that my team has to scroll through multiple pages to get to today's entries. I have made reports and calendars to view the data, but adding new lines of data in the sheet is tedious.

Thanks! Katie


  • zealvert
    zealvert ✭✭✭✭

    Dear @Katie H - I think one of the two following options should help you:

    1. OPTION 1: Sort (as Descending) the sheet using the column that contains the dates in question. This will show the most recent rows on the top of the sheet.
    2. OPTION 2: Create a filter in the sheet as shown below (save it with an easy to remember name like "today's entries"). This filter will always show the desired rows.

    If you do not have a date column in your sheet, then you can insert the Created (system) column which automatically records the row creation date, and is read-only. You can keep it hidden if required.

    Hope this helps!