Bridge: Move a row within a sheet

I am creating my first bridge workflow to simply move a row within a sheet when the STATUS name changes. My sheet has a STATUS column with "Active" and "Inactive" parent rows, then child rows below each.

In the Bridge workflow, from Integration I selected "Smartsheet" and the trigger is "When Column Values Are Changed". However, I am stuck at that point and not finding any specific info on what workflow elements I need to use next and any that I select don't seem right. Any help is certainly appreciated!



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @Julie Nelson

    Happy to help! For the trigger, it sounds like you've got this set up correctly. I would set it to "When Column Values are Changed" and then identify the Status column as the one to look at for the change.

    However the trigger won't read the data to see if it's "Active" or "Inactive", you'll want to do that as the first part in your flow.

    • Set up the trigger (as you've done) then make a change in the sheet so that there's data in the Run Log
    • The rowID that changed will be in the Trigger Event

    Now that you've got the row information, you can use a Match type of Junction to see if the value in the Status column is what you're looking for.

    • In the Match, the First Value is the value in the Status column from your row
    • The Second Value is what you're looking for - in this case, the text "Active"

    • I got the First Value {{Reference}} by copying the Run Log Data Reference from the Get Row module:

    Add regular State modules to the Success and Failure sections, title them whatever makes sense to you.

    Now we don't have to build anything after the Failure state ("Not Active" in my screen capture) - that will filter out any changes that aren't "Active" and the run will simply stop there.

    You can continue to build your workflow under the Active state, since those are the rows you want to make changes to. Let me know if that helps and makes sense to you!