Configurable access token expiry duration now generally available!

Hi Community, 

We’re excited to announce that we released configurable access token expiry duration to help you enhance your security protocols. 

Sysadmins can now set expiration durations for access tokens (both user access and OAuth 2.0 tokens) within their plan. If left unset, the tokens will maintain their current behavior. However, once expiry durations are defined, all existing and future tokens within the plan will adhere to this duration, automatically getting revoked upon expiry. This mitigates the risk of indefinite access in the case of access tokens getting compromised.

This feature is available to SysAdmins on Enterprise plans in the Commercial US and Commercial EU environments. You can set access token expiry durations in the Smartsheet Admin Center.

Learn more about configurable access token expiry durations.

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Lekshmi Unnithan

Senior Product Marketing Manager