Anyone else have this issue with forms and know how to resolve?

I am having a problem with forms submitting into a SmartSheet. I've built a simple SmartSheet with some IF commands that apply a score based on dropdown menu answers. I also created a report that shows a selection of columns based on a field being populated.

When I submit a form built from the simple Smartsheet, nothing appears in the Smartsheet but a line is added to the report with just the field that was being used as a filter and nothing in the rest of the columns. Anyone got any ideas what is happening here?


  • I actually just read a comment and tried something out. It seems like the form is writing in about 30 rows down from the last entry and the lack of field population is because the calculations were not running all the way down the column. I have no idea why it wrote so far down but I think it's working okay. Lesson for anyone doing this in the future!