Latency or Lag with Smartsheet inputs into cells and automation

Can the smartsheet IT team confirm whether its just me that is getting a 1 minutes & 15 seconds input latency where "user a" puts in information into a cell, and then it takes 1 minute and 15 seconds for "user b" to receive the updated cell information?? Wouldnt the team be able to implement faster processing to bring this down to almost no time at all? I would imagine this 1 minute + delay between user to user could frustrate some customers?


  • jmyzk_cloudsmart_jp
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    Hi @Sheetuser 2

    You are not alone.

    There is a noticeable delay in such automation as alerts. In the demo test below, alert automation took 2 to 3 minutes to be notified at the destination.

    On the other hand, cell value change automation, as the record date, took 9 seconds, and the shared user saw the change almost immediately.

    Shared users see the change in a cell value almost immediately as soon as other uses save the sheet.

    A workaround for the delay in workflow automation would be to use formulas and conditional formatting. For example, you could create a formula to check if the date someone is assigned to is Today. Then, if so, change the color of the Assigned To column that meets the check.