Child spreadsheets that are reflections of a master spreadsheet

Hello everyone, I'm seeking a solution for my business and came across your company. I will describe my requirement to find out if your software can address my needs:

In my business, we have a series of Google Sheets that we offer to our clients, functioning as CRMs. These CRMs have started to become more complex and require new functionalities. It's critical that the sheets are standardized so that any modifications made in one are reflected in all others. For instance, if I establish a new rule (like column X can only be filled with numbers), this rule should apply to all sheets. Additionally, I need each sheet to have its own access users, where I can grant permissions to specific people. These users would not be developers; they would only use the sheet for data entry.


  • Lucas Rayala
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    Hi @Borjamidias, this is the community forum, you may want to drop a line to sales as well. Regarding access -- you can tailor each sheet to a specific person or persons. You can also create a Workspace where you set the sharing permissions for every sheet underneath (individual sheets can have additional users added independently). Regarding the formatting rules, you may be able to do this with Control Center -- I don't use it but you can read a little more about it here:

    Smartsheet Control Center | Smartsheet

    I would set up a sales call and walk through your use-case. Smartsheet is extremely versatile but has some limitations that may remove it from consideration.