Modern Forms with conditional logic is now available on Smartsheet Gov!

Hi Community, 

We’re excited to announce that Modern Forms with Conditional Logic has come to Smartsheet Gov!

Modern forms with conditional logic in Smartsheet Gov empowers your team to collect and act on information faster and with greater confidence on the Smartsheet Gov platform. Ask the right questions to the right people. Improve the quality of the data that kicks off your workflows and feeds your sheets, reports, and dashboards--and keep your respondents satisfied and coming back.

The new Smartsheet modern forms also has form validation, which allows you to add real-time validation to your forms to gather consistent, error-free data. With simple character and pattern-based validation you can make sure fields for numbers, percents, email addresses, and phone numbers are all filled out properly so the information you collect is accurate and valuable.

Modern Forms with Conditional Logic is available for all licensed users on the Smartsheet Gov platform.  

Review our help articles on conditional logic and form validation to learn more about how to get the most out of Modern Forms with Conditional Logic.

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Chris Nammour