"Import" > "Update Rows"


I want to import data to an existing data sheet whereby it will upload the data from my source sheet excel to my existing data set and match by the unique identifier

I found the below instructions but the "Import" > "Update Rows" option is not available, can someone guide me on how to access this option?

Yes, in Smartsheet, you can import data into an existing sheet and match by a unique identifier using the "Update Rows" feature. This allows you to import data from an Excel file, a CSV file, or other supported file types, and update existing rows based on a unique identifier. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Prepare Your Import File: Ensure your import file has a column that contains the unique identifier that matches a column in your existing Smartsheet. This identifier will be used to match rows during the import.
  2. Open Your Existing Sheet in Smartsheet: Go to the Smartsheet with the data set you want to update.
  3. Start the Import: Click on "File" in the top menu, then choose "Import" > "Update Rows".
  4. Select Your File: Follow the prompts to select and upload your import file from your computer.
  5. Map Columns: In the import wizard, you'll be asked to map the columns from your import file to your existing Smartsheet columns. Make sure to map your unique identifier column correctly.
  6. Review and Finish: Review the changes that will be made and then confirm to complete the update. Only the rows with matching unique identifiers will be updated.