Meet Nick Burrus, our December Member Spotlight! 🎉

Alison Clancy
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Stop what you’re doing and come meet @Nick Burrus, Community Champion and our December Member Spotlight! 

St Nicholas Burrus is the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Production and Project Manager at UBEO Business Services and lives in California.  

Several years ago, Nick worked for a digitization company focused on helping companies transition from paper records to digital records. They began using Smartsheet for internal processes, and soon, Nick was taking classes and happily experimenting until he became the “de facto Smartsheet guru” on the engineering team.

“From there, I’ve just kept practicing, reading the Community forums when stumped, sharing my own work-arounds, and collaborating with others on how to accomplish something unique,” he explains.

Today at UBEO, Nick is a huge fan of cross-sheet references in formulas. He recently built a solution that allows employees to enter the work they’ve done for the day, including details, for tracking and analytics. Dashboards then automatically use references to fill out manifests, showing clients how much of a project is done and providing a live view of progress.

“One of my favorite things about the Community is how people use formulas in new ways,” Nick says. “Did you know you could do algebra with time stamps by stacking LEN and LEFT/RIGHT formulas? Formula stacking is insane and I absolutely love it. With Smartsheet, you can pull off things that are seemingly impossible in other platforms.”

As a Community Champion, Nick spends his time participating in virtual events and opportunities, and he advises fellow Community Members to jump in when they have the bandwidth. “Learn the tips and tricks of Community Champions, Overachievers, and more, and you’re bound to become the champion at your organization,” he says.

Nick recently adopted a dog and loves having her as his frequent companion. As someone who has had a heart transplant, he enjoys volunteering at transplant events as a guest speaker and judge.

Thank you for all you do, Nick!