Cross sheet calculations


Hello all and happy holidays! I'm currently trying to find a solution for the following:

I have an excel spreadsheet that has data manually entered into it on a daily basis. At the end of a week, this what it looks like.

I have been converting this process over to Smartsheet and using a form to capture the daily data entries.

I'm trying to put together a calculation sheet that essentially looks like spreadsheet above, so that I can create some nice dashboards for data analysis.

I would use simple countifs formula, but the teams do not stay on static shifts. They change from week to week.

Here is a shot of the sheet that is collecting the data from the form entry:

Need help finding the best way to calculate the entries so that they are similar in format to the excel sheet above.

VLOOKUP? INDEX? MATCH? COUNTIFS? My head hurts....haha!

Kind Regards,



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