Resource Management Analytics Report export file name


Resource Management Analytics Report export to csv generates a new file name each time. I wish to use the same file name each time as part of an automation process.

Goal: regularly export file to known file location with the same file name, overwriting the existing file. Then use Data Shuttle to pull this report into Smartsheet.

The current method of generating a new name each time does not lend itself to automating this entire process.


  • Tim C
    Tim C ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @MAdelizzi, where are you putting the CSV after export? Google drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, or a Smartsheet attachment? Also are you doing any manipulation in something like excel to create a unique ID, or using a Replace workflow?

    If you went the SMAR attachment route you could right click the previous file and "upload new version". Although the name is different, the ID for the file should still work for Data Shuttle to work. Alternatively if you had the settings on "most recent" for the file instead of "name" the name of the file shouldn't matter so long as the data is the same format.

    We can try to pinpoint the best way to automate the process even with the file name changing (I'm not sure that can be modified).

  • I'm saving the csv file to OneDrive (sharepoint). I do not see an option to use Google in the export menu.

    I want to automate if possible using Bridge?

    Goal: trigger export of report on a weekly cadence, save report csv with specific name, save to a specific file location all without human intervention

    I don't know what a SMAR attachment means

    I am not manipulating the data in the csv file, I'm manipulating the date through the shuttle process

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @MAdelizzi

    I believe "SMAR attachment" is referring to a Smartsheet (or SMAR) attachment - a file attached to the row of a sheet.

    Currently Bridge is unable to hand files or attachments, but it may be able to help you with the direct transference of data (meaning content from Resource Management added into cells in a row). You could use the Get Report Totals module and then either add a row or update a row in Smartsheet on a weekly cadence.