Request to attached a file to a row without sharing its content


We are using SmartSheet to collect applicants' information, including references. Referees would receive an update request asking them to upload a reference letter for a specific applicant. However, by doing so, they would have access to other reference letters already uploaded into the same row. Is there a workaround to that?




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    Hi @Simone C.

    The Issue

    At first, I could set not to include an attachment in the message setting. But, with the setting, the person who requested to update can not upload a file. If I set it to include an attachment, the person can upload a file but see the existing attachments. Now, I understand your problem.

    A workaround

    When manually copying rows to another sheet, I can check or un-check the Include Attachments option. (The default is unchecked.)

    So, I tested if copy rows automation included attachments and found it does not.

    The workaround is to copy a row to another sheet with automation and, at the destination sheet, request an update with automation, setting it to include an attachment in the message setting.

    This way, the requested person or the referee can attach a file without accessing the original sheet's attachments.

    I created a report grouping the two sheets with Row ID to easily see both the original sheet and the copy destination sheet, including the attachments.