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Dashboard Chart [Range Feature], Sheet Helper Column [Trend] and Quick Folder Navigation


Hi everyone,

I have noticed there are a lot of features that have been discussed in the past, however they have not been implemented yet, not sure why because they would make life easier.

1st- Implement a feature within Dashboards so that we can resize the range of our charts without having to manipulate the data, coloring it white so it appears invisible, thus ruining the format of the data. Excel has this feature and by the click of a few buttons we can readjust the chart so instead of the range being 0 to 4, we can adjust it so that it become 0 to 5.

2nd- Sheet Trend - plenty of index formulas require a helper column, needing to count from 1 to 100 rows as an example, for me it can be as much as 2000 rows. There should be a formula or a function that can understand the count trend and expand it by the simply clicking 2 times on the bottom right corner of the cell, just like excel. Because having to manually expand it by every 10 rows (after the 50th row) is exhausting.

3rd-Workspaces- there should be a navigation folder bar just like in the file explorer of our laptops so that we can navigate the workspaces more efficiently rather than clicking the arrow to go back in the browser or identifying the parent folder we were in over the browse column of Smartsheet [My organization has large folders]. Sometimes I open a folder and its the wrong folder, I need to go back and there isn't a button, therefore this would be useful. Screenshot below.

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