RM is not updated and Over assigned icon doesn't appear

 I began to use Smartsheet from September and I’m trying to learn use it whit guide, video and creating sheets, dashboards etc.. by myself.

In this moment I’m connecting my GANTTs to Resource Management with success, but I don’t understand why the status of tasks aren’t updated in RM when, at the contrary, they are done/completed in my GANTT.

The connection GANTT/RM works (I Think..) in fact I’m able to enter in every phase of project and modify it.

The second problem that I have is the over assignment of resources.

I know that some resources are over assigned infact I can see red line in some periods in RM but if I try to assign other activities at the same persons in my Gantts the red icon in the left side of my Gantt doesn’t appears.

 For example:

This person in this period is over assigned but if I assign other task the red icon doesn’t appear


Could you help me?




  • JamesB
    JamesB ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Mario_Tecnosys In RM, regardless of the percent complete, it will still pull in the dates as assigned work for the resource on the project. You would need to update the dates on your SS to reflect the actual dates the work was completed. This will update the assignment in RM.

    As far as the overallocation in SS, that only functions with legacy Resource Utilization and is not tied to RM.