Using Smartsheet for DDD Business Management

Garth Henderson
edited 01/08/24 in Show & Tell

I'm an Enterprise Architect (EA) with 50 years of professional programming experience. In 1985, I engineered/managed the design and development of an ERP system using the C language with early SQL database technology. I am currently working with pro-code app builder technology using opensource standards that align with Domain Driven Design (DDD) and .NET. We use GraphQL as it is an evolution replacing REST.


There are 7 references in this book about DDD Ubiquitous Language (UL).

I searched the smartsheet community for Ubiquitous Language and didn't find a match.

I am currently using AI technology to help create a translation between programming languages and English. Yes, CoPilot is in the mix.

I started this discussion to see if anyone else in the community is interested in this particular use case for smartsheet.

Please share your ideas with me.

I will post my progress in this discussion.