Bridge Call API Tool Now Available!

Hi Community, 

We’re excited to announce a simpler way to set up and maintain API calls in Bridge workflows  — the Call API tool! 

With the Call API tool, users can store up to 20 authentication profiles per Bridge workspace and reference them when making API calls in a workflow. 

The Call API tool will allow for better long-term management over APIs in solutions, including the ability to connect to any public API, set up API Profiles to simplify API call setup in modules, and manage API credentials at the workspace level instead of the module level. 

The Call API tool replaces the functionality of the Bridge HTTP module. For more information on how to use the Call API tool in your workflows, see our related help article

Bridge is available for licensed users on the Enterprise plan, and/or Advance Gold/Platinum users. 

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Danielle Wilson

Product Marketing Manager

Danielle W.

Product Marketing